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Understanding Free Website Monitoring Services

Knowing About Free Website Monitoring Services

You are aware that the up-time of the web site is vital. You might have even come to in conclusion that a website monitoring services are a must if you need to minimize the downtime that your particular website experiences. What you have no idea is the reason you must purchase this kind of service when there are so many companies offering free website monitoring online. Prior to deciding to jump up on the "free" service bandwagon, there is something you'll want to consider.

website uptime monitor service

Grandma Always Said There is not any Such Thing as a Free Lunch

In case you didn't listen to it from your grandmother you've likely heard it elsewhere. There is not any such thing as a free lunch. The question you must ask yourself is, if a company has something valueable that they could sell with a profit, why do they really give it away for free? Time and effort, work, and investment get into quality website monitoring services as well as the free ones offered aren't listed as nonprofit organizations, so how are they making their cash? When you realize how these lenders make their cash, you realize free isn't free all things considered.

Oftentimes a "free" website monitoring services are a bare bones package a service will give you to get you hooked. The theory is once you find how vital the service is, but wait, how much the "free" services lacking, you'll upgrade with a paid service - usually at a higher price than had you began by trying to find a paid service all along.

Don't assume all Services Are the same

Now, assume you do locate a website monitoring service it doesn't up-sell as well as the services are really free. Genuine. A no cost service with no strings attached. What you must ask yourself again is, why is the service free? The facts lacking? Or the facts adding? Will you or maybe your website be bombarded with advertisements to compliment the funding in the service? Or services are low in the functions it includes, such as strategies to communication. For instance, an online site monitoring service that only notifies you of website downtime via email is not going to can you much good if the email is down as well as your site. You will need a website monitoring service that will alert you via not simply email, but word and make contact with calls to appropriate personnel also.

website uptime monitor service

You also want to know how often your web site will likely be checked for downtime whenever considering any site monitoring service. Ideally you want your web site checked every One minute or less to make certain continuity of one's site's up-time. Should your site is only checked for downtime every hour, then your site might be down an entire 59 minutes before you are even made aware of a downtime issue.

Moreover, you need to make certain that website monitoring service you have has more than one server monitoring your website. When there is an electrical failure at one server location, there ought to be other server locations spread to ensure your site's monitoring won't be interrupted.

If you are taking a look at free website monitoring solutions, the probabilities that the free service provides your web site with the comprehensive monitoring and a higher level technology required to truly protect your web site from downtime are slim to none. Since website monitoring services are among the few services that basically buy themselves with time, shopping for this kind of service based on price alone isn't recommended. As opposed to trying to find something free, locate a service that will actually meet your site's needs and definately will monitor your website adequately.

Post by websiteuptimemonitor (2016-09-19 14:12)

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